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скачать крякнутая версия wowinfinity 2.4.3 читы для wow
 13.01.2009, 23:09
  * Noclip (like Noclip in any other game Recommended for Flyingmounts only)
       * Collision (Collision size, setting it to 0 will make it possible to go into the most narrow places you have ever dreamt of, and by just toggling it you can walk in the air, almost like flying)
       * Track (track whatever you want)
       * Velocity (Jump higher or lower)
       * SuperSlowFall (A slowfall where you can control what way you want to go and also jump while flying)
       * Wallclimb (walk very, very, very… steep walls)
       * Float (holding down Numpad 5 will make you float through air, if you release it you fall down again)
       * TeleClip (holding down Numpad 8 will clip you forward, if there are any walls you will go through them)
       * TeleHackZ (Pressing [Numpad 7] will instantlly port you up in the air in a controllable altitude and pressing [Numpad 4] will port you down. This can be used to get through high buildings like Karazhan in a matter of secounds and can also be used to kite bosses and kill them Solo)    
       * Time (set the time)
       * TimeSpeed (set the speed of time)
       * Airwalk (keep moving at the same height)
       * FlyThrough (enable flying and nothing is solid anymore)
       * Safelanding (Affaraid to fall down and die SafeLanding will make sure that you don’t kill yourself by fall damage.)
       * M2Move (Move around any object ingame with your cursor. Just put your cursor over the object you want to move, pic it up and move it, this can be used to remove obstacles blocking your way like doors, walls or anything else.)
       * M2Remove (Removes all current loaded object from the game making it possible to walk almost anywhere, if you run around in a forest you can forexample  now avoid all trees, stones while other players and even Mobs will have to run around them as normal)
       * M2Flat (Flat outall current loaded object, so you still can see it but walk right through it. This is also quite fun to look at)
       * WMOremove (Remove all WMO objects current loaded, this is forexample Buildings or any indoor enviroment.)
       * CamZ (Control camera Zoom, allowing you to zoom out as much as you want)
       * CamFov (Set the camera’s Field Of View allowing you to see around you which gives you an advantage in PVP)
       * CamRotZ (Allows you to change the z-rotation of the camera)
       * Char_Alpha (Change your transparency making it easier to to fight while the camera is close)
       * Char_Scale (Scale you char to any size, this can also be quite nifty if you want to have a better overview over the battle.)

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